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Steampunk Style is a community for selling and promoting steampunk creations.
Welcome to Steampunk Style, where you can share your very unique impressions on what your Steampunk style creations for sale or hobby mean to you.

Feel free to post/brag about your designs, creations, discoveries, sales shops and your steampunk promotions. Please include pictures with your posts Boots, jewelry, accessories, furniture, goggles, corsets, Neo Victorian, industrial, Steampunk fantasy and all forms of Steampunk are accepted.

This community is focused on promoting Steampunk Style creations for sale and for buyers to discover wonderful shops who cater to this community.

Please keep it positive and relevant to steampunk creations and promotions; negative posts or posts without a steampunk theme or feel will be deleted and may be reported as spam. If you're not sure when posting, please contact the mods. Thank you!

Steampunk style reference:

Much of what the Steampunk style includes is anachronistic and combines the old with the new set in an industrial and Neo-Victorian age backdrop. It consists of items such as antique architectural hardware, brass, vintage embellishments, vintage watch movements, mechanisms, corsets, spats, arm cuffs, juxtaposed with gas masks, goggles and ray guns among many other things. The designs are mostly made by hand and inspired by romantic eras gone by and modern industrial imagery. This style reflects the love of vintage and history with a twist of modern times. The Steampunk style does not depict any one time in history. It is rather the inclusion of yesterday, today and tomorrow.